CEO & Co-Founder of WeSoarHigh

May 2020 - present


WeSoarHigh simplifies the way businesses and startups hire pre-vetted Web and Mobile Developers they can trust. We give people and businesses access to Technical resources that will help them succeed in the digital space. Our vision is to be the go-to platform for hiring freelance developers in the Philippines.

Straightforward process:

  1. Request
  2. Match
  3. Hire

The struggle of when to compensate and what to expect has been a struggle between development and clients. At WeSoarHigh, we escrow the payment and ensure developers deliver before releasing client payment. A one-week trial is also provided entirely for FREE.

Roles and Responsibilities

As the CEO and co-founder of a budding startup, you'll need to wear many hats -- from doing building the platform and the company to acquiring developers and customers. I found some of the most essential responsibilities are creating a company culture that fosters trust and collaboration, operating in line with our mission and vision, and ensuring that all stakeholders' expectations are aligned.

Co-Founder of SevTech, Inc.

Feb 2018 - present


We’re a B2B startup that delivers high-quality technology-based solutions to SME’s in the Philippines. We help our clients establish their information systems that can bridge the gap between businesses and clients in our modern world.

Roles and Responsibilities

My co-founder and I are primarily responsible for customer acquisition and negotiations. We lead the development team, and develop, maintain, and test the systems we create for our clients.

CodeBlink Tutorials

November 2020 - present

Inspired by her experience teaching React Native Mob

More details coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out my LinkedIn profile