The perfect blend of management and technical skills is where I shine.


πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’Ό Mina as a Founder

A startup enthusiast, actively participating in hackathons, competitions, and accelerators, and a freelancer in her youth, Mina has co-founded her own startups to help MSME's and developers in the Philippines.

  • Co-founded WeSoarHigh
  • Co-founded SevTech, Inc. to help SME's in the Philippines
  • Top 22 in the IdeaSpace Startup Competition in 2020 (WeSoarHigh)
πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Mina as a Software Engineer

A Lead Software Engineer with over 6 years of experience across multiple industries and platforms, Mina has led multi-cultural teams, managed projects and teams, taught in a University, and created and developed a variety of applications (desktop, web, and mobile apps) in her career.

  • 6+ years of relevant software development experience
  • 25+ Tech products created in the course of her career (web, desktop, and mobile applications)
  • 10 Technical certifications passed
  • 6 Hackathons joined, 2 awarded
  • 4+ years as a part-time freelancer
πŸ“ˆ Professional and Personal Growth and Experience
  • Writing/Blogging. Formerly a lifestyle, travel and entertainment Blogger (Crafted Serendipity) that garnered tens of thousands of monthly views in 2019. I continue to write on my website.
  • Coding Tutorials. React Native coding tutorials on my YouTube channel, CodeBlink Tutorials.
  • Speaker. 10+ public speaking / presentation opportunities. 20+ events hosted.
  • Bibliophile. 100+ fiction and non-fiction books read.
  • MOOC's. 10+ online courses completed.
  • Awards. 14 Above and Beyond Recognitions.
  • Mentor/Tutor. Mentored 4 developers, tutored 2 kids and 3 teenagers.


Lead Software Engineer

Tech Software/Outsourcing Company, April 2018 - present

Formerly, I was one of 3 Technical Lead Engineers, leading a team of 7 software engineers for one of the main products of a market-leading DMS software company. Recently promoted to Lead Software Engineer, handling more product-wide initiatives and process improvement tasks.

  • Leads product releases. Leads, plans, and manages product releases, actively collaborating with Product Managers and Quality Assurance (QA) team

  • Sprint planning. Leads sprint planning and sprint management. Actively involved in grooming the prioritized product backlog, and sprint retrospectives.

  • Mentorship. Motivates, supports, and collaborates with with junior to mid-level Software Engineers. Our team is composed of highly skilled developers from Australia, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines.

  • Software Development. Plans, designs, develops, enhances, maintains, and tests the product. Also handles critical and sensitive client escalations.
  • Code Reviewer. Performs quality reviews. Improved the review process, more effectively catching bugs, significantly decreased reopens and defects, increasing the software quality by at least 80%
  • Technologies: C# .NET, .NET Core, WinForms, WPF, Subversion (SVN), OOP, DMS, NUnit, Git
  • Tools: Agile Methodologies, sprints, scrum, JIRA, Confluence
  • Hackathons
    • Led, co-organized, managed, planned, and co-hosted the first-ever Hackathon of the company, pioneered by the R&D Department. Inspired by the initiative, the company executives launched a company-wide hackathon a year later.
    • Mentored the winning team in the Company’s first-ever Hackathon
  • Automation Tool. Proactively created a process improvement automation tool during my breaks just 6 months in the company that increased the efficiency of time tracking by 50%.
Extra-curricular Activities
  • Hosting. The go-to host for department-wide (R&D) and company-wide events
  • Engagement Activities Organizer. Led and organized most engagement activities of the team, i.e. team building activities, weekly bonding activities, monthly potluck, game nights etc.

CEO & Co-Founder of WeSoarHigh

May 2020 - present

WeSoarHigh simplifies the way businesses and startups hire pre-vetted Web and Mobile Developers they can trust. We give people and businesses access to Technical resources that will help them succeed in the digital space.

  • Our vision is to be the go-to platform for hiring freelance developers in the Philippines.
  • The struggle of when to compensate and what to expect has always been a struggle between development teams and clients. With WeSoarHigh, we escrow the payment and ensure developers deliver before releasing client payment. A one-week trial is also provided entirely for FREE.
Roles and Responsibilities

As the CEO and co-founder of a budding startup, you'll need to wear many hats -- from doing building the platform and the company to acquiring developers and customers. I found some of the most essential responsibilities are creating a company culture that fosters trust and collaboration, operating in line with our mission and vision, and ensuring that all stakeholders' expectations are aligned.

Adjunct Faculty (IT Instructor)

One of the top 4 universities in the Philippines, Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

  • Teaches two 4th year I.T. classes Mobile Development with React Native
  • I organize and prepare course work, course syllabus, lesson plans, lecture slides, and project specifications that are aligned it the Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) model

Co-Founder of SevTech, Inc.

Feb 2018 - Mar 2020

We’re a B2B startup that delivers high-quality technology-based solutions to SME’s in the Philippines. We help our clients establish their information systems that can bridge the gap between businesses and clients in our modern world

Roles and Responsibilities

My co-founder and I are primarily responsible for customer acquisition and negotiations. We lead the development team, and develop, maintain, and test the systems we create for our clients.

Project Manager and Back-end Developer

AutoServed, Apr 2019 - Dec 2019 Graduate of Founder Institute, Philippines, AutoServed allows car owners to book maintenance and repairs.

  • As Project Manager,
    • I conduct planning and analysis, manage releases, create projections, reports and deliverables, and provide technical advisement to CTO, CEO. (2 products).
    • Managed the release of the MVP of the platform
  • As Developer,
    • Created the API and microservices for both the B2B product and B2C product
    • Technologies: PHP, Laravel, React, JavaScript

Freelancer Developer

Multiple clients, 2015 - 2019

  • Developed desktop and web applications for a variety of clients
  • Technologies: Java, Spring, Hibernate, SpringBoot, SpringData, React, JavaScript, Redux

Software Design Engineer

IT Company, May 2015 - Apr 2018

  • Fresh out of training, I was assigned to two project teams due to training results
  • Actively involved in all the phases of the Software Development Life Cycle: requirements gathering, design, development, documentation, testing, and release.
  • Develops, designs, enhances, maintains, and tests various software products
  • Technologies: C#, .NET, Visual C++, WinForms, SVG, Adobe Photoshop, Agile, Waterfall, SVN, Kanban
  • Lead sub-teams, managed junior devs (3-5 devs)
  • Initiated design meetings and introduced a process that reduced bug density by 40%
  • Developed process improvement and automation tools that increased team productivity
Public Speaking
  • Presented NEC PH's process improvement tools in Japan to NEC Group (>1000 employees in-person and live-streamed in NEC offices in Japan).
  • Co-Presented my team in the company-wide Software Quality Convention (SWQC) regarding team's process improvement tools (2017, Champion)
  • Co-Presented my team in the company-wide Software Quality Convention (SWQC) regarding team's Quality Assurance methods (2016)
Other Roles and Responsibilities
  • PhilNITS Coordinator (2017 - 2018). As one of the handful of AP-certified employees, I was the PhilNITS Certification Lead Coordinator for both FE and AP certification exams
  • Training Facilitator (2017 - 2018). Facilitated trainings for new employees (junior developers) for C, Java, Object-Oriented Design
  • Configuration Manager (2015 - 2016). Project setup and Configurations
  • Librarian (2016 - 2018). Creates, tracks, monitors, and releases project documentations
  • Release Manager (2017 - 2018). Ensures products and updates are released on time with relevant documentation
Extra-curricular Activities
  • The go-to host nearly all company-wide activities and events (i.e. Sportsfest, Summer Outing, Christmas Party, etc.)
  • Helped organized and decorated all company-wide activities and events